Strategic. Creative. Reliable.

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Creating quality, engaging video content reliably can be challenging. Our editing can make the difference.

You'll be amazed at how seamless and easy working with us is, and how many aspects of your project we can handle. From selecting and licensing music, to hiring voice talent for your VoiceOver, to adding typography, callouts, and on screen animations…we do it all.

Over 25 years of editing talent and skills will shine through and make a difference in your project.
Post Production Services

Video Editing
Audio Mixing
Motion Graphics and Animation
Music and Sound Effects
Color Correction
Motion Graphics and Animation
…and more
Post-Production-Only During COVID
During the pandemic, new production can be a challenge. That's why we're here to breathe new life into existing footage or to take videos that you have recorded yourselves and put them together in a polished, professional video.

We love creating new content from:
Previously Shot Footage
Brand Assets
Illustration Files
Powerpoint Slides
iPhone/Zoom/Laptop Footage
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Every video editing project is unique. Let's talk about yours and get it off the ground. Prepare for liftoff…